For Companies

FOTA is a powerful App designed to capture user generated content and brand advocates via contests, reviews, and an empowering suite of tools. FOTA attracts new customers, allows companies to repair relationships with past customers and secures repeat business. We make it very simple to capture and leverage new reviews and want every single company to feel like our portal is a pure extension of their brand. We are the only Brand utilizing biometric (Face & Voice recognition) security features, layered with our unique patent pending methodologies, to ensure people are, who they claim to be.

Part of brand protection is intercepting potentially compromising stories, reviews, etc., and having a fair opportunity to resolve the issue with the customer, before they can simply hit a “post” button and damage a company. Each review that comes in has the options below. The resolution path allows companies an opportunity to reach out to the customer and seek a resolution before the video is published.

Bad Review Scenario
FOTA affords companies an opportunity to resolve conflicts and request a re-review.  If the reviewer updates the star rating, the new rating will be assigned to the company, but both ratings will be available under a search.  The updated review will show the initial rating and the resolution rating and then play the video, allowing the customer to articulate in their own words how the company resolved the issue. This is the best kind of advocate for a company, one that was converted from the other side.

If a resolution cannot be reached; the company will have an opportunity to append their response video directly to the consumer’s complaint video.   Consumers feel empowered and the Brands have evenly weighted protection against negative reviews.  The consumer becomes empowered as the Judge, hearing both sides of the story.  

Fake reviews are a serious problem and a Harvard study said that Yelp has over 20% fake reviews and Amazon over 17%. FOTA uses multiple touch points to ensure reviewers are real and have actually consumed the product or service they are reviewing. If a company suspects “foul play” they can simply select the Orange button in their control panel…and we will take care of it for them. The review will never be published until it is verified.

Pull Advocacy
Stop pushing (typical marketing) your company and ask your customers to start pulling in new customers with their honest feedback. You have nothing to fear here, unless your company is not keeping their customers happy. However, if you are…you need to identify and leverage advocates to identify and convert more customers. This is the best path for long term success in the new review-centric world.

What you asked for, is what you get
FOTA allows companies to embed everything that makes sense for their business. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Event Calendars and Instagram are things many companies leverage everyday. Why should you be forced to have five different presences online, when you can never leverage them all in one place. That makes no sense for a consumer or a business.

Real Reviews from Real People
When someone is willing to attach a face, a voice, or both to a video, you have introduced true accountability.  Additionally, our unique process allows companies to challenge potentially fake reviews. The Flagged reviews will not go live until their are verified.

When reviews are uploaded to the server, they go through an algorithm to screen for things like profanity, racist comments and more. The offending videos will be funneled to a review queue and are no longer in the quick pipeline for publishing or handling.

Tools, Latest Activity and More
Companies need control and the data/metrics that empowers them to know more about their audience and the feedback they are receiving. FOTA offers a rich suite of tools ranging from granular metrics for each video review, to surveys, to a sentiment meter that shows how one or more of their products are being perceived and more. Activity emails will be sent out every week to each company letting them know view counts, leads, comments, new reviews, and clicks to the companies website.

Feedback from Feedback
We have the worlds best survey tool, which of course is our patented process as well. The system allows companies to ask single questions (like a poll) over time and aggregates those to form a completed survey. Its an intelligent process, so it will ask the next question, on the next session, based on the last answer.

92% of people pass on surveys. 64% of people will answer a simple poll question. The perfect way for companies to go beyond the video review and get a more personal perspective from more of their customers.

Packages for every Company or Town
We are giving the companies exactly what they asked for in features and functions.

For Consumers

Video is the ultimate manner to articulate and share an experience. Yes, we have an option on each video to watch, listen or read...but we anticipate that 75% will be watching. Video is an immerse experience and it conveys things often overlooked or never even covered in a written review. It also connects consumers, to other consumers, in a way that truly resonates. More senses are engaged, its highly visual and the viewer absorbs information at a greater rate. Which is why 5.5 billion videos are watched each day online.

Video is the absolute best way to find another like-minded person. And people are looking for like-minded people, or people coming from a similar perspective, when they are searching through reviews.

Providing Feedback
A person simply needs to scan a QR code, click on a link, or Speak to Share™and they can begin their process of providing feedback on any product, service, place, space, activity or event.

Sweepstakes are a Thank You!
At FOTA, we ask for “Real Feedback, from Real People, on the things they Really Use, in their lives” Our unique Sweepstakes giveaways, provide a proven (and legal) method to give back to those consumers doing reviews. The Sweepstakes giveaways range from 100 dollar gift cards (from sponsor companies) to Xbox One’s and vacations and change based on the location and demographic.


For College Campuses

Our Campus Ambassador program will be an infusion of energy for our target demographic and the businesses they frequent.  This campaign focuses on students participation by offering a compelling sweepstakes package. The students will become the early adopters and account for a significant amount of Phase 1 and Phase 2 reviews.

The selfie generation is poised and ready to dive into the FOTA world!

There are over 4400 college campuses in the US and Canada. Our program averages 350 reviews, per week, per campus. Students are provided an opportunity to win prizes and potentially secure a roll as a Channel Ambassador.

The sweepstakes model is similar to Influencer models run by a few of the Fortune 1000 companies in the US.

The campus ambassadors are also following a Best Practices Procedure for producing reviews. This process ensures the best possible reviews are being uploaded, with intelligent topics, good lighting and a nice clean presentation of the shared experience. The great thing about this process is once the students videos are validated, they no longer require screening for everything else they upload.

The Review it Forward campaign will provide early consumer adoption and powerful leverage for closing businesses, while branding FOTA in an incredible light.

For Communities, Towns & Municipalities

Reviews extend far beyond products and services…and video is the ultimate medium to share an experience.

With FOTA, you can record and share video experiences, in the form of a review for public places and spaces. Things like parks, tennis courts, golf courses, children’s play areas, pools, hiking and biking trails, are all connected to a city, town or municipality.

Each one of those towns has a web site and would love to embed videos about all the cool things you can do in their town or city. There are over 40,000 municipalities in the US alone. If only 25% of these were interested in having video reviews of their towns activity based offerings, that would be a 250k revenue stream per month.

For Like-minded People

The FaceTeam section allows people to “discover” other like-minded people, so they can meet either in our virtual environment or in person. This would apply to everything from parents discussing competitive sports to tennis players, hikers, developers and on and on.

The FaceTeam meets through a Channel where Groups are created and managed. Each group has an admin, an events calendar, members, shared files, videos, video chat, written chat, polls, surveys, discussion topics and more.

For instance, FOTA may have a US based Tennis Channel. Members can belong to a channel and communicate in groups. Inside that US Tennis channel are additional channels, which could include states and cities. Inside those channels are local groups, which most likely meet in person. For video reviews, they can have reviews of local public and private courts for things like; condition, availability, proximity to other things, speed, bounce, shade, etc.

A FOTA Group can also be formed from an existing group like a boy scout troop, soccer team, gymnastics or swim team, or even a basket weaving group at the local church. As long as the group is still providing reviews, their Group is free.

For You Tube Partners

Our You Tube partners bring over a minimum of 100k subscribers each, to their Channels on FOTA. Because its apples to apples energy (video world to video world) it will be a high conversion rates, when coupled with our giveaways. The You Tube celebs get to offer great prizes to entice their buddies over to join and do a review. The more reviews they do, the more times they are entered to win the giveaways.


Review it Forward

The Review it Forward campaign allows companies to request feedback from their customers, to help charities. It comes off more like a video survey, instead of a review solicitation. This model has multiple avenues to provide incentives to capture reviews and reward charities and companies, at the same time.

Channel Stars